Dance DJ / Producer Dem Slackers keeps the “Slackers” feeling alive in 2011

Dem Slackers is only 19 years old, but already becoming one of the most prominent new DJ’s / Producers. His music is used by DJs like Tiesto, Crookers and Fake Blood. Dem Slackers also made remixes for artists like Lil ‘Wayne, Ashton Shuffle, Mighty Fools. In the upcoming two months, he is going to release two international EP’s, start his first official UK tour and organize his own dance night called “Slackers” (in the Netherlands) with guest DJs Joost van Bellen (Rauw, Valtifest), Mike Mago (Boemklatsch) and Spliph (Electric Trash).

In 2011, he continues to send out the attitude; “Slack More”. Dem Slackers about this; “Well it used to be sort of my nickname, because I was really lazy and used to slack a lot in school. Now it just means that I enjoy life and have found the balance between the fun and ‘boring’ stuff.”

Despite his nickname, Dem Slackers is working hard. In 2010, he released two EPs, performed in countries like the UK (last Friday he performed at the Cabaret Voltaire in Edinburgh), Germany, Portugal, Hungary and Belgium. In late February he will release an EP on the English Chew! The Fat label and in spring there will be an EP on the Ministry of Sound Australia. Both releases will be supported by a tour. Dem Slackers about the international tours, “Dutch DJs are musically respected abroad. It’s my ambition to tour as much as possible besides producing for other artists in 2011.”

Bart B More in Fuzz Magazine (December 2010) on Dem Slackers: “My tip for next year is Dem Slackers. A very talented guy who can produce records that many different DJs use. ”

Scheduled releases:
February 12th Remix – Danny T feat Oh Snap! – Wine Ya Waistline Dem Slackers Remix
February 28th – EP release on the English Chew! The Fat Label
April – EP release by Ministry of Sound Australia
There will be several mixtapes and remixes which are yet to be confirmed.

Planned Tour Dates:
12-Feb Slackers Hoofddorp NL
18-Feb Enzo Breda NL
24-Feb CYNT Cardiff UK
26-Feb Chew The Fat! London UK
27-Feb Coalition Edinburgh UK
01-Mar Killer Kitsch Glasgow UK
04-Mar Standout Exeter UK
05-Mar Stealth Nottingham UK


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