Arthur Adam


‘He has placed himself in the category of extraordinary as a singer-songwriter. The man has a phenomenal voice, plays guitar beautifully, and has songs that will persevere. Hardworking, precise and thoughtful, but never without passion.’ (Jaap Boots, Dutch National Radio)

Arthur Adam is the most versatile singer-songwriter of the Netherlands. He creates harmonious, intriguing, inspiring songs in all different genres (with the exception of urban and classical music).

Between 2002 and 2006 he released these songs under the name Arthur, and with some success: he won several singer-songwriter competitions, got excellent reviews in OOR, Parool, Fret and Live XS, made it through to the finals in the Grote Prijs van Nederland, and also had airplay and several live sessions on Radio 1, 2, 3, 5 and KinkFM.

Then things started to get serious. Arthur’s music and talent developed so quickly that in 2006, he became the first singer-songwriter in the world who broke up, due to an overdose of inspiration! He founded The New for his rowdy guitar pop, and the other music continued under the Arthur Adam flag. It was time for his first solo CD, called Shhh. The songs on Shhh are intimate, fragile, and yet very exciting. The CD is chock full of intelligent and sensitive songs that keep you listening.

In September 2007, Arthur Adam accepted an invitation to participate in the  prestigious In A Cabin With project, and a gorgeous album was created in Sweden as a result. He wrote part of the music on the spot, and played, just like on his debut CD, all the instruments himself. The record became Album of the Week at VPRO’s 3voor12, and he earned the Artist of the Week title on MySpace. The tracks are intense, slightly experimental, and very strong melodically.

Arthur Adam has built up quite a fan base due to his many performances on major and minor stages. His shows are known for being varied, intense, a bit strange, and always unforgettable.

Arthur Adam is one of the key members of the Amsterdam Songwriters Guild (along with Leine and Lucky Fonz III), and was the support act for Edison nominee Marike Jager throughout her club tour in 2009. In March of 2009, he won Dutch Delight, the National Songwriters Competition, and is now absolutely poised for his breakthrough. To celebrate this he and his band The New joined forces again, for more depth, more noise, more beauty.

In the past, Arthur was active as guitarist/bass guitar player/pianist/backing vocalist with (in no particular order) Marike Jager, Joep Pelt, Mist and The White Broncos.

He released his first official single, Happy Hangover in May of 2009. His album is slotted for the spring of 2010.

Small Songs For on a Radio EP (2002): expertly constructed small songs (OOR)
Pop?(2004): Demo of the month (Fret magazine), Local Hero (LiveXS)
Shhh(2006): from fragile to simply beautiful (
In a Cabin With (2007): Album of the week (3voor12)

Awake (album, 2010)
Dividing a Spider (single, 2010)
Happy Hangover (single, 2009)
In a Cabin With (album, 2007)
Shhhh…. (album, 2006)
Pop? (EP, 2004)
Small Songs, for on a Radio EP (2002)

The New:
Sirens (single, 2007)

Other bands:

Mist: Period (2008)
Joep Pelt: It is what it is (2006)
Mist: Bye Bye (2005)
Pelt: Stick it in (2004)
The White Broncos: Room (2001)

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